We Believe Transparency Matters

Yocto Media Group founded in 2012, is an independent programmatic media trading company that helps advertisers and agencies improve their effectiveness of trading utilizing programmatic media technologies.

Our Comprehensive Programmatic Offering


Optimized RON or Content
Categories for cost efficiency

Customized white lists:
– Premium sites
– Custom Channels

Cross platform targeting:
– Desktop, Tablet, Mobile


Brand safety included in all Campaigns

Behavioural targeting:
– 3rd party data solutions

High Impact and custom ad units
– Media and Native


Full site lists available by channel & sub-channels

Full transparency on reporting
by domain and impressions

What Does Platform Agnostic Mean For You

An individual searches for your keywords or visits a site with these keywords
We index those relevant sites and combine this with our 1st and 3rd party to create a custom database
Yocto targets the right user with a brand Ad based on this custom database the next time they visit any site

Search and keyword targeting is a highly effective tool – we find individuals who have searched on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, or on any major site for a keyword that matters to your campaign.

We create a custom audience segment based on your specific campaign keywords. Then optimize against each keyword in real-time with full transparency.

Programmatic Inventory Partners